Zachary Freyberg, MD, PhD

Zachary Freyberg, MD, PhD*

W1640 Biomedical Science Tower
3811 O'Hara Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Liver-Related Work

The overall long-term goal of my research is to better understand human disorders of dopaminergic signaling including addiction, schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease. In order to do so, my laboratory has begun dissecting presynaptic dopaminergic neurotransmission at the synaptic vesicle level using a combination of complementary approaches including genetics, pharmacology and both light and electron microscopy. Key to this is dissection of G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling which includes dopamine receptors. We recently have shown that these receptors are integral to signaling in the periphery, and their dysfunction significantly contributes to metabolic diseases including diabetes and antipsychotic drug-induced metabolic syndrome. As part of these efforts, we are pursuing roles of GPCRs in hepatic Wnt signaling and its implications for hepatic zonation.


Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry and Department of Cell Biology