Xiaochao Ma, PhD

Xiaochao Ma, PhD*

309 Salk Pavilion
335 Sutherland Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Liver-Related Work

Research Interests: My research team focuses on drug metabolism and hepatotoxicity.  My long-term goal is to understand the mechanism of drug/chemical-induced liver injury and to develop novel strategies to predict, prevent, and treat such injury. I have extensive experience in studying drug metabolizing enzymes, transporters, and regulatory factors, such as CYP3A4, ABCG2, and PXR.  We use the genetic, pharmacologic, and metabolomic approaches in our research.  We have published a series of papers in the field of drug metabolism and hepatotoxicity.  
Ongoing Research Studies:
  1. Mechanisms of adverse effects of anti-tuberculosis drugs.  
  2. Collaboration with Dr. Xiaobo Zhong on short- or long-term impacts of drug exposure at early life on drug metabolism, therapeutic efficacy, and drug-induced toxicity.


Associate Professor
Center for Pharmacogenetics
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
School of Pharmacy