Moses Bility, PhD

Moses Bility, PhD*

603 Parran Hall
130 DeSoto Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Liver-Related Work

Research Interests: I am a laboratory scientist studying human inflammatory liver diseases, including hepatitis B/C, hepatitis B/C and HIV co-infection, and fatty liver disease in humanized mouse models reconstituted with autologous human liver cells and immune system. We primarily focus on the role of human monocyte/macrophage activation in the development of chronic liver inflammation and fibrosis/cirrhosis. 

Ongoing Research Studies:
  1. Investigating the role of monocyte/macrophage activation in hepatitis B/C and HIV co-infection in humanized mouse and cell culture models. 
  2. Investigating the nexus between monocyte/macrophage activation and gut microbiota dysbiosis in fatty liver disease in humanized mouse models. 
  3. Collaboration with Dr. Alex Soto-Gutierrez, developing “improved” humanized mouse models with human liver and immune system using iPS cell technologies. 

NIH Research:

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Selected Publications:

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Assistant Professor
Infectious Diseases and Microbiology