Kang Kim, PhD

Kang Kim, PhD


623A Scaife Hall
3550 Terrace Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Liver-Related Work:

Dr. Kim’s research seeks to develop and translate state-of-the-art noninvasive ultrasound imaging technologies to (1) improve disease diagnosis, (2) guide therapeutic strategies, and (3) evaluate therapeutic efficacy. His research emphasis is on development and application of multi-modality imaging systems that are based on a fundamental understanding of how sound and light interact with soft tissues, and are capable of characterizing structural, mechanical, compositional properties of tissues and organs and their underlying biological activities in cellular level.
In the past, Dr.Kim’s group has collaborated with Dr. Jaideep Behari on a new ultrasound imaging technology development and translational study. Recently, Dr. Kim has been collaborating with Dr. Ramon Bataller and Dr. David Geller on an ex vivo human tissue validation study.


Associate Professor
Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology