Joerg Gerlach, MD, PhD

Joerg Gerlach, MD, PhD*

3025 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Liver-Related Work

Since 1990, Dr. Gerlach’s main focus has been on bio-artificial systems, the development of liver cell-based therapies using bioreactors and hepatic cell transplantation. A long standing collaboration with Dr. Schmelzer and Nettleship included NIH project work in the area.
Dr. Gerlach’s research includes maintenance and differentiation of cells in vitro for extracorporeal, temporary clinical use as a hybrid organ as well as in vitro models for studies on stem cell niche interactions and production of cells in cell-based therapy. He and members of his research group work with liver progenitors, hematopoietic stem cells, neuronal and fat progenitors, and fetal and embryonic stem cells. He established clinical services for providing liver cells in bioreactors, and liver support device availability with a 24/7 cell-procurement team, for extracorporeal liver support therapy in Berlin, Germany.

In the Center, Dr. Gerlach offers experience in the clinical translation of bioengineering and stem cell biology research towards clinical studies. His education in surgery and transplantation medicine, along with PhDs in experimental surgery and bioengineering, supports the interdisciplinary approach to such work. His tenured position and collaborative network strengthen the activities in his lab. The McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine explicitly supports his efforts to continue building expertise in liver-related regenerative medicine.


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