Iva Miljkovic, MD, PhD

Iva Miljkovic, MD, PhD*

A524 Crabtree Hall
130 DeSoto Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Liver-Related Work

I am an epidemiologist with a major interest in obesity, adipose tissue deposition, and metabolism. In particular, I study the epidemiology of ectopic fat deposition, such as in the liver and skeletal muscle, and associated cardiometabolic disorders (i.e. diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, dyslipidemia, and inflammation). I have an expertise in imaging techniques used for the body composition assessment, in particular ectopic fat depots, and a specialized field experience in conducting large epidemiologic cohort studies and international health studies.

Work within our research team is ongoing to test whether ectopic liver fat accumulation is associated with insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and inflammation, independent of total, central, skeletal muscle, and other ectopic fat depots, and if there are any race/ethnic differences in these associations. We are also currently trying to identify relevant biomarkers related to liver fat accumulation in African-ancestry men.


Associate Professor
Department of Epidemiology