Eric Lagasse, PharmD, PhD

Eric Lagasse, PharmD, PhD*

450 Technology Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Liver-Related Work

Research Interests: I am a scientist with interests in cell-based therapy for liver diseases. My group has been the first to demonstrate the use of lymph nodes as a site for cell and tissue transplantation. We believe that understanding the fundamental mechanisms controlling ectopic hepatogenesis in vivo will become a  “road map” for liver engineering and could lay the basis for future therapies involving the reconstruction of a surrogate liver for patients with insufficient hepatic function.
Ongoing Research Studies:
  1. Collaboration with Dr. Paulo Fontes (Department of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh) to generate a large animal model of liver disease and the generation of an ectopic liver in lymph node.
  2. Identification of the cellular and molecular mechanisms that allow hepatocytes to generate an ectopic liver in lymph node. 


Director of the Cancer Stem Cell Center
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology and McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine