Kari Nejak-Bowen, MBA, PhD
Paul Monga, MD

Dr. Kari Nejak-Bowen, Director of Enrichment;                                                   Dr. Paul Monga, Co-Director of Enrichment

The Pittsburgh Liver Research Center strives to provide its members with meaningful and relevant enrichment programs.

Seminars: The seminar series features established liver researchers and clinicians from the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC as well as from other universities and hospitals.

  • PLRC Seminars are held one Tuesday each month.
  • PLRC also collaborates with other departments, such as Surgery and Pathology, to co-sponsor speakers.

Special Interest Group (SIG) Roundtables: The SIGs are designed to exhibit the connection between work within clinics and labs. Clinicians and basic scientists are paired by topic for these sessions, with both presenters having the opportunity to explicate the topic from the perspective of their own work. The goal is to foster translational science, dialogue, and collaboration among the members of the Center. SIG roundtables are held one Tuesday each month at noon.

  • Special Focus Groups on PFIC and Pediatric CLD have developed from the SIGs.

Retreats and Mini-Retreats are planned at various times throughout the year.

Pilot and Feasibility awardees’ presentations. At about the mid-point of the Pilot and Feasibility award year, each awardee has the opportunity to present their work to the PLRC in a seminar format.

Professional Development Workshops. Offered through the Office of Career Development, Health Sciences.

For a list of upcoming Enrichment Events, please click here.  (Calendar view)