David Geller, MD
Aatur D. Singhi, MD, PhD
Kate Smith

Directors: David Geller, MD, and Aatur Singhi, MD, PhD; Core Manager: Kate Smith

The Clinical Biospecimen Repository and Processing Core provides a centralized location for investigators to request liver-disease-related tissues, cells, and TMAs. Requests for specimens are made via an online request form (see below). A review committee considers each request and makes a determination regarding distribution of specimens based on project relevance and feasibility. Those investigators who would like to request tissues must have up-to-date IACUC, IRB, and/or CITI certification and must be able to provide proof of certification.

The core is able to provide:

Fresh/frozen patient liver tissue Available upon approval of committee

Searchable database forthcoming

Paraffin sections from various liver pathologies (malignant and non-malignant) Available upon approval of committee

Searchable database forthcoming

Cell lines  – HepG2
– Hep3B
– Snu398
– Snu443
– Huh7
– Aml12
– Huvec
Primary Cell Lines  – Hepatocytes, human – available upon approval of committee.

– Hepatocyte, mouse
– Hepatocyte, rat
– Non-parenchymal cell, mouse
– Non-parenchymal cell, rat

Histology Services
 – H&E (Process & embed)
 – Recut H&E
 – Unstained blanks
 – Tunel Assay
 – Special Stains (Grocott, PAS, Gram, AFB, FiteM/N, etc.)
 – Immunoperoxidase (antibody provided-routinely run stain)
 – Double IHC stain
 – In situ hybridization
 – PD-L1 Antibody
Mouse Blood Services Analysis services provided by CLB:

 – ALT
 – AST
 – BR direct
 – BR total
 – GGT
 – ALP
 – ALB


For the request form, click here. Send completed request forms and all attachments to Kate Smith (kms386@pitt.edu)