Dr. Simon Watkins
Donna Stolz, PhD
Claudette M. St. Croix, Ph.D.
Alan Watson, PhD

PLRC ACTIC Director: Donna Stolz, PhD; Director of CBI: Simon Watkins, PhD; Associate Directors: Claudette St. Croix, PhD and Alan Watson, PhD

The PLRC Advanced Cell and Tissue Imaging Center supports liver research through the Center for Biologic Imaging.

The Center for Biologic Imaging (CBI) is one of the largest optical imaging centers in the country. The mission of the Center for Biologic Imaging is to provide integrated elite level access and training on infrastructure used for research, education, technology development and collaboration in Microscopy, Biophotonics and Imaging. The Center is deeply committed to providing open and transparent access to the most cutting edge optical imaging equipment to all biomedical research faculty, though with priority where access is intended to lead to funded collaborations or where funded collaborations pre-exist and joint outputs such as co-authored publications, IP filings and grant applications will result. In addition, where practical, research infrastructure will be available for use by external researchers and industry users subject to the availability of instrument time and support staff.

CBI offers imaging services in the following areas:
  • Live cell and multiphoton microscopy
  • Immunofluorescence  and confocal microscopy
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Super-Resolution Imaging (SIM, STORM, and STED)
  • Tissue clearing and 3D reconstruction of tissues

For a complete list of available resources and information on requesting them, please visit the CBI website.

If you are a PLRC member or Associate member and are going to be a new ACTIC user, please contact Dr. Donna Stolz. If you’re already a user and interested in starting a new project or expanding an existing one, discuss it with your primary contact in the CBI.