Paul Monga, MD

Dr. Paul Monga

PLRC Director

The Pittsburgh Liver Research Center (PLRC) is a multidisciplinary center that builds on the existing strengths of UPMC, a leader in the delivery of innovative and cutting-edge clinical care, and the University of Pittsburgh, a leader in research, discovery, education, and innovation. Serving as a point of convergence for timely research in liver health and disease, the PLRC bridges the intellectual exchange between clinicians and researchers in the hope of improving the clinical care of liver patients. The PLRC is committed to providing a platform to enhance, enrich, and synergize scientific interactions and collaborations among various investigators in the field of liver pathobiology who are currently residing in diverse departments. Specifically, the PLRC supplies research funding, scientific core facilities, unique scientific and clinical resources, networking and collaborations, mentoring, and enrichment programs in the areas of liver regenerative medicine, liver diseases, and liver tumors. Thanks for visiting the website!

Paul Monga, M.D.